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Aum namo hanumate hung Aum

Mars at Vaitheeswaran Kovil. Mars faces the south, and Lord Dhandayuthapani who is in the east facing Mars. Mars showers on his devotee's benefits such as good harvest in the fields, good income and save his devotees from sufferings. He enhances the respectability and dignity of those who worship him. He also helps his devotees to come out of financial indebtedness. Mars is worshiped on Tuesdays by offering red flowers.

Mars, named so for the Roman God of war, shows how we express our energy, ambition, assertiveness and sex drive. As Mars is so indicative of our ambition and our drive to succeed, it is often a useful indicator of how someone will react in a working environment. It is said that women are strongly attracted to a partner whose Sun sign matches the sign that resides in Mars in her chart. For men it is said that they are drawn to women whose Sun sign matches the sign that resides in Venus in his chart. It could be argued that Venus represents the more feminine side of sexuality and Mars the more masculine side.
Vaitheswaran Koil, With the Vaitheswaran Koil, there is a special shrine dedicated to Ankarakan or Sevvai or Mars. The belief is that if prayers are offered to Ankarakan, he will bestow valour, victory and strength to the person. Upon entering the temple, devotees first go the Siddamrita tank. The water is said to have curative properties for various skin ailments. There ia also a widespread belief that a visit here would remove obstacles that delay marriage. Mars is regarded as a God of martial character, red in every aspect. Even the Romans held him as their Guru. He is the Son of Earth and is ruled by Lord Subramanya. This town is also called as Pull-irukku-Veloor. Jadayu - the eagle who made a gallant attempt to stop. Ravana from proceeding to Lanka with Sita, got relieved of his wings by Ravana, fell down here and eventually got Moksha. Even today we can see the place where Jadayu was cremated - 'Jadayu Kundam'.
  Vaidheeswaran koil is a crowd puller for many reasons along with the Angarakan. Vaidyanadha Swamy ( shiva ) is believed to cure illness of the ardent devotees. Lot of people throng here everyday, offer their prayers for regaining their health with the grace of the deity. Ambal is called Valambika alias Thaiyal Nayaki.  
  Kiruthigai is an auspicious day here with special poojas performed for SelvaMuthuKumara Swamy ( Murugan ). Nayanmars, Arunagiri Nadar, kumaraguruparar, kalamega pulavar have visited this temple and sung in praise of the deity. Separate sanctorum for Angaraka is a speciality out here as you cannot find it elsewhere.  
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