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Aum aing hring shring shung shanaishcharaye namah aum

This temple has many holy tanks and one of it is known as Nala Theertham that is considered most sacred. It is located in the Northwest part of the temple. King Nala took bath in this Tank and got rid of adverse and evil effect. A bath or sprinkling the water from the tank over the head with total devotion will help to get rid of adverse inflictions of evils will vanish and so will sorrow.


Saturdays are the most appropriate days for worshipping Sri Sani Baghawan. He should be decorated with black cloth; those who have afflicted Saturn in their horoscope should wear Blue precious stones. Very Saturday one should burn sesame lamp, and this will help reduce adverse effects to a great extent.


Favourable effect of Sri Sani Baghawan will result in many fortunes and benefits like good health, success in all endeavours, peace of mind, proper respect from members of family and relations, prosperity, interest and enthusiasm in life.


Whether one is under Sani's favourable or unfavourable effects, one should constantly worship him. By doing so, one can ensure that the impact of adverse effect is minimised and the benefits of favourable effect are maximised.

Saturn is the planet of responsibility, and symbolizes the ethic of hard work. Under its influence a person's character is strengthened through trial and difficulty. It has been said that Saturn disciplines us until we can learn to discipline ourselves. Saturn was also a symbol for Father time, for he brought to an end all things that has a beginning. In astrology Saturn is the planet of diligence, self-control and limitation. Its domain is patience, stability, maturity and realism. Its influence is stern and restrictive, cold and severe.
Saturn's position in your chart indicates how well you accept responsibility, whether you are self-disciplined, and what delays and opposition you can expect to encounter. When its influence is prominent you tend to be reliable, trustworthy and patient. Saturn gives the power to endure, and provides the tenacity and perseverance to realize your potential.
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