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Aum rang rahuve namah aum

Rahu temple is in Thirunakeswaram about 5 km from Kumbakonam. The deity of the temple is Nagabatheswarar and the Goddess is Piraiyani Valnuthal Ammai. This temple faces the east; it has four Gopurams and three corridors. The Gopuram has five tiers. As one enters the one can have darisanam of Nirutha Ganapathy, Nandi, Vinayakar.


In the outer corridor of the Southern corner, Rahu Baghawan accompanied by his two Devis is found. Adverse effects of Rahu will be, such as, misunderstanding among relations and loss of money, illness and unnecessary medical expenditure.By worshiping Rahu we may get favourable effect such as improvement in financial position, increase in comforts, disappearance of bad habits, development of good habits. Rahu may be worshiped on any day. It will reduce the ill effects considerably.

Tirunageswaram, This vast temple known for its shrine to Rahu, one of the nine celestial bodies in the Navagraha situated 8kms from Paradise Resort. A legend has it that the mythological serpents Adiseshan, Dakshan and Kaarkotakan worshipped Shiva here. Legend also has it that King Nala worshipped Shiva here as in Thirunallar. Rahu is instrumental in strengthening one's power and converting even an enemy into a friend. He is ruled by Goddess Durga. The main deity's name is Nageshwarar and Ambal's name is Girigujambikai. She is decorated as a small girl in the Mornings, as young lady in Noons and as lady in evenings.. Here Ragu resides with his wife and everyday, during Rahu kalam, when Milk is poured over Rahu idol, it miraculously changes to blue colour. People having Ragu dosha come here during Rahu kalam and perform Abishekas.
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