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Mantra for Marcury - Aum Mahalakshmaye vidmahe Vishnu Priyaye dhi mahi Tanno Lakshmi Prachodayat

Among the nine planets, Budhan Baghawan worshipped in Thiruvenkadu Temple will give bliss. Mercury protects Shiva Bakthas and literary persons. He is green in complexion, soft in nature. He bestows Lord Shiva devotees with the knowledge in Astrology, Sculpture, and Medical treatment of paralysis. He also grants power of expression and success in education, literary pursuits, fame in fine arts, and profession and good relations with scholars. Wednesday is the day to worship him offering green colour items and he likes white kanthal.


Evil effects by Mercury are usually failure in business, set back in profession, lack of mental calibre, and transfer from native place, getting caught in quarrels.

In Mythology, Mercury or Hermes served as a messenger to the gods. He was responsible for the spreading of news and was known for his intelligence, wit and charm. As such Mercury shows us how we communicate with others, and how we think and rationalize. Mercury is associated with the signs Gemini and Virgo.
There is a reference to this temple in Valmiki's Ramayana. Therefore it is said that the oldest part of the temple is more than 3000 years old. Dedicated to Budhan or Mercury this temple in Thiruvenkadu makes up the last of the Navagraha Temples. Budhan is said to bestow wisdom and intellect. Budha or Mercury is considered as the greatest among the wise. This Devata bestows wisdom and wealth on his devotees. He is ruled by Lord Maha Vishnu. This temple is referred in 'Saiva Thirumurais' and Sastras. This place is similar to Kasi with all the Snana Ghats. One can do all the karmas here, that is supposed to be done in kasi. We can find a separate sanctum sanctorum for bhudan. Bhudan holds the portfolio of Education and Arts and it is the next popular place students prefer to go after Tuition centers
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